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Let’s restore your Chislehurst floors

                                                             The creator of one of the most popular naughty boys in children’s literature died here in 1969...


The traditional wooden floor has also long been a popular feature: in every kind of property from

 homes and shops - to offices and public buildings such as libraries, schools, bars, restaurants and galleries...

So it deserves to be kept in prime condition.  When feet and wear have taken their toll, remove those marks and digs with the modern solution..

Specialist wood floor repair and restoration from

                                                                                                The Chislehurst Floor Sanding Company

Offering the complete service:

Damaged floor boards or parquet blocks?

We’ll repair or replace them with matching timber.

Mind the gaps?

We can fill them in if you prefer an even look.

Old paint and sealant?

Sanded away to smooth wood.

A change of colour?

We’ll stain the bare wood - to match your decor or create a fresh look.

 Making it last?

Fresh protection is vital.

Choose a sealant from natural oil, hard wax or lacquer.

All are totally safe around the home and children.

Top quality work

We use only premium predicts - to last longer and keep looking good.

All applied to a supreme level of workmanship.

Mess and disruption?

Put your mind at rest - as our sanding is

 99% dust free!

 Allow us to help by shifting heavy furniture and disposing of old carpets and coverings.

 And if you wish, we will minimise disruption and loss of business.

 By flexible working - at weekends or even overnight.

 So take the best advice from a friendly family firm:

 who’ve restored hundreds of floors over the past twenty years.

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 Richmal Crompton was a classics teacher who was confined to a wheelchair after a bout of polio.

Despite never marrying or having children, she managed to create the irrepressible William Brown.

In a series of books from the 1920s to the 1960s, William and his gang ‘The Outlaws’ battle against a conforming middle-class adult world of maiden aunts, vicarage tea parties and clean necks.  A free spirit in the best sense of the word, William is fundamentally good-hearted and honest, scrumping and fishing in neighbour’s ponds excepted.

His long-suffering family comprises snooty older siblings, Robert and Ethel, along with his loving but ever-uncomprehending parents.

Best of all are his arch enemies: the rival gang of the obnoxious Hubert Lane and the unforgettable Violet Elizabeth Bott.  An arch manipulator in the making, this daughter of vulgar nouveau-riche parents is ever-threatening to demonstrate her particular talent: ‘I’ll scream and scream till I’m sick....’

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assistance available 24/7

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